Seven (Expanded Edition)

Compact Disc (2CD)

Union Square Music, BMG


United Kingdom


Following two hugely successful albums (their debut and sophomore records, One Step Beyond… and Absolutely, both #2 in the UK album charts), “7” was Madness’ third studio album in as many years. Showcasing their ever-evolving songwriting skills, it was originally released in 1981, reached #5 in the UK album charts, and featured the hit singles’ Grey Day’, ‘Cardiac Arrest‘, and ‘Shut Up‘.

This expanded 2-CD edition features bonus tracks and exclusive liner notes by journalist Stevie Chick, which include interviews with band members Lee’ Kix’ Thompson, Mike Barson, and Chrissy Boy Foreman.

Several different versions of the album were released throughout the world. Some territories removed the not-so-tourist-friendly “Day on the Town” while others replaced it with “Never Ask Twice (a.k.a. Aeroplane/Airplane)”, which was issued on the “Shut Up” 12″ single in the UK. In Belgium, “Never Ask Twice” was issued as a one-sided 7″ single with initial album copies. France renamed “Day on the Town” as “A Place in the City”. Australia added “It Must Be Love” and “Never Ask Twice”, Spain replaced “Cardiac Arrest” with “It Must Be Love”, and Japan said “In the City”, which was issued there as a single after it was initially written for and used to promote Honda City cars in television commercials.

Initial vinyl pressings featured different mixes of some tracks (most notably “Mrs Hutchinson” and “Day on the Town”), which haven’t been used since.

Lee: After Absolutely, our accountants suggested we record the next album abroad to save on taxes. To avoid paying the higher tax rate, you had to stay out of the country—you could only spend something like 90 days in the UK. We weren’t sure about that.

Mike: We’d heard other bands were spending a year in the Bahamas for tax purposes, but we decided not to do that. Nobody fancied it. But we still went to Nassau to record 7. I was really keen. There was beautiful sunshine and palm trees; it was pretty exciting. Everything with the band was pretty exciting in those days—the candle burned very brightly for quite a long period, really.


Territory: United Kingdom

Release Date: April 14, 2023
Format: Compact Disc (2CD)
Limited Edition: No

Label: Union Square Music, BMG

Catalogue Number: BMGCAT592CD
Barcode: 4 050538 829280

Manufactured: Germany

Disc Colour: Silver
Pressing: 7th Reissue
Release Type: Official



Grey Day 04/17/1981
Shut Up 09/11/1981
It Must Be Love 11/27/1981
Cardiac Arrest 02/12/1982


1 1 Cardiac Arrest 2:52
1 2 Shut Up 4:06
1 3 Sign Of The Times 2:42
1 4 Missing You 2:33
1 5 Mrs. Hutchinson 2:17
1 6 Tomorrow's Dream 3:54
1 7 Grey Day 3:39
1 8 Pac-A-Mac 2:37
1 9 Promises Promises 2:52
1 10 Benny Bullfrog 1:51
1 11 When Dawn Arrives 2:42
1 12 The Opium Eaters 3:02
1 13 Day On The Town 3:22
2 1 Missing You BBC Richard Skinner Session, 27/9/81 2:41
2 2 Sign Of The Times BBC Richard Skinner Session, 27/9/81 2:37
2 3 Tiptoes BBC Richard Skinner Session, 27/9/81 2:40
2 4 Memories B-Side, Grey Day 2:24
2 5 A Town With No Name B-Side, Shut Up 7" 2:51
2 6 Never Ask Twice B-Side, Shut Up 7" 3:00
2 7 It Must Be Love 3:26
2 8 Shadow on the House B-Side, It Must Be Love 7" 3:21
2 9 In the City B-Side, Cardiac Arrest 7" 3:00
2 10 Shut Up Edit 2:49
2 11 Cardiac Arrest 12" Extended Version 4:17
2 12 Grey Day Live From NME Racket Packet Cassette 4:32


Mike Barson Piano, Organ, Vibraphone, Marimba, Harmonica, Tubular Bells Array
Chris Foreman Guitar, Sitar, Slide Guitar Array
Lee Thompson Burps and Squeaks, Saxophone Array
Mark Bedford Bass Array
Daniel Woodgate Drums, Congas Array
Graham McPherson Vocals Array
Cathal Smyth Vocals, Trumpet, Performer Array


Producer, Engineer Clive Langer
Producer, Engineer Alan Winstanley
Recording Studio Compass Point Studio
Recording Studio Maida Vale Studio 4 BBC Richard Skinner Session (Disc 2, Tracks 1-3)
Remastered By Turan Audio Ltd.
Photographer Michael Putland Photographs
Illustrator, Graphic Design Chris Morton  C-More
Artist, Illustrator Martin Callomon Cover Artwork
Liner Notes, Writer Stevie Chick Liner Notes: As told to...
Band Mike Barson Liner Notes
Band Chris Foreman Liner Notes
Band Lee Thompson Liner Notes


Copyright © Union Square Music Ltd., a BMG Company.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ Union Square Music Ltd., a BMG Company.
Licensed From Stirling Holdings Limited
Licensed To Union Square Music Ltd., a BMG Company.
Phonographic Copyright ℗ BBC Studios Distribution Ltd. BBC Richard Skinner Session (Disc 2, Tracks 1-3)


Record Label BMG
Publisher EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
Publisher Chrysalis Songs Ltd.


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