Benny Bullfrog



Found a fiver…heh..heh..Willy

So there I am polished heart
Throat in full puff I look the part
My wad is packed to reimburse
I’ve yet to re-rehearse
Many moons spent
On love lines leant
From long legged pop eyed
Fat necked Benny Bullfrog

Final run through polish up
The flower of love my buttercup
Moon in June for you I’ll croon
Just like pop eyed
Fat necked Benny Bullfrog

Mean piece of muscle I’m Melvin Toad
I dice with death across the road
Hop aboard my lovers’ leap
Fat necked Quatermass
Who needs a Benny Bullfrog?

Here she comes – Keep a cool head

My leg’s numb – Keep a cool head

I can’t run – Keep a cool head

Hi my name’s Hunky how do you do?
I catch a fly in one swoop
I’ll catch a fly just for you
That’s if you do want me too
But you’re not hungry I knew

A sixth sense gave me a clue
I know what else we could do
You creep!

Also I’d like to add Little Miss Popular reckons
I not only speak rubbish

But I mean it (so I’m gonna chin her)

Long legged pop eyed
Fat necked Benny Bullfrog
Wish I was Benny Bullfrog
Cool as Benny Bullfrog
What’s the secret Bullfrog?




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