In the City



(City, city!)


He is just a boy in the city
Dressed the same he’s uniformly pretty
He knows it’s the time
He can read the signs
He can really change in the city

The best dressed boy in town he thinks it’s funny
Half a dozen jobs makes his money
He’s just a boy in the city
Friday night propels Walter Mitty
It’s about time
He can read the signs
A night on the town, in the city

Monday is a work day
Tuesday’s much the same
Wednesday comes and goes away
Thursday’s back again

Friday night to Sunday in the morning
Monday brings the weekend’s final yawning
Now it’s about time
He has crossed the line
He is miles away in the city


Mike Barson Musical or Lyrical Contribution
Chris Foreman Musical or Lyrical Contribution
Graham McPherson Musical or Lyrical Contribution
Cathal Smyth Musical or Lyrical Contribution
Bill Crutchfield Musical or Lyrical Contribution
Daisuke Inoue Musical or Lyrical Contribution



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