Never Ask Twice



Please observe my continental alligator skin line shoulder bag
I’ve covered it in stickers from far and wide
And stuffed it full of suits and matching ties

I’ve travelled on the seas and I’ve travelled on the land
And there’s not a single person I can’t understand
I’ve forgotten the languages and wave my cash
I’ve enjoyed every minute of it with a splash

I wear a Panama on my Brilcremed hair
I think I carry it with a certain flair
When travelling abroad I know the score
With the voice of authority from the first a-world war

I went all through to Congo on a magic pleasure knock
Staving off disease with hallucinogenic drugs
With a mind-bending root from a local native source
Made my mind and my body have a premature divorce

I felt like I was sliding from a massive height
It seemed like it was morning in the middle of the night
My eyes were open, though there’s nothing much to see
A swirling mist of images

The seas are my friend and the skies my home
When clinging to the arm-rests, I travel alone
I’m always ready to give advice
Travelling companions never ask twice


Mike Barson Music
Graham McPherson Words



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