Sign Of The Times



This is disposable throw it away
This is an animal don’t let it stray
That was the past so leave it behind
This is the future it’s all in our mind

Feeding your interest in between lines
Reading the caring one sign of the times
This is your Englishman this is his lawn
This is your female undone and torn

We are the people and we really care
We don’t really look we just like to stare
Unprintable feelings that play on your mind
Get written in innocence pretend we are blind

Patience the virtue not learnt in schools
Ha ha it’s funny to break all the rules

Lawbreakers are broken and so we all share
The family problems the paper that cares
Cheapest and brightest sexiest news
We’ll make up some stories with unbiased views




Extensive efforts have been made to gather factual information and knowledge on madness from various sources and document them. These sources include publicly accessible websites, books and publications, historical artefacts, and other pertinent materials. As a result, a comprehensive index of resources has been compiled and integrated into the website. These resources, if relevant to this article, are listed below.