Tomorrow’s Dream



A cage of my own this cage is my home
And oh so alone am I
From above all around helpless to the sound
Of my brother’s cry

Just leave us alone we don’t want to moan
Only if you make us
Smashed on the lock until I’ve had to drop
Tried to get my message through

Off goes another with another’s brother
My arms try to bend across to a friend

You can’t burn me with your laser beam
It’s pointing at you and tomorrow’s dream
You’ll burn my body quietly set free
And I’ll cry for you as I sway from my tree

I’d give you my brain nothing you would gain
Its misery seeps from you
When leaving my cage I am in a rage
Because I know what you’re up to

When you walk away remember next day
Not a second I’ve slept awake I’ll have kept
When I reappear don’t look on in fear
My hands could kill but they never will




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