Cardiac Arrest



Papers in the morning bowler hat on head
Walking to the bus stop he’s longing for his bed
Waiting with his neighbours in the rush hour queue
Got to get the first bus so much for him to do

He’s got to hurry got to get his seat
Can’t miss his place got to rest his feet

Ten more minutes till he gets there the crossword’s nearly done
It’s getting so hard these days not nearly so much fun
His mind wanders to the office his telephone desk and chair
He’s been happy with the company they’ve treated him real fair

Think of seven letters begin and end in C
Like a big American car but misspelt with a D

I wish this bus’d get a move on driver’s taking his time
I just don’t know I’ll be late oh dear what will the boss say
Pull yourself together now don’t get in a state

Don’t you worry there’s no hurry
It’s a lovely day could all be going your way
Take the doc’s advice let up enjoy your life
Listen to what they say it’s not a game they play

Never get there at this rate he’s caught up in a jam
There’s a meeting this morning it’s just his luck oh damn
His hand dives in his pocket for his handkerchief
Pearls of sweat on his collar his pulse-beat seems so brief
Eyes fall on his wristwatch the seconds pass real slow
Gasping for the hot air but the chest pain it won’t go

Tried to ask for help but can’t seem to speak a word
Words are whispered frantically but don’t seem to be heard
What about the wife and kids they all depend on me

We’re so sorry we told you not to hurry
Now it’s just too late you’ve got a certain date
We thought we made it clear
We all voiced our inner fears
We left it up to you
There’s nothing we can do.




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