Shadow of Fear



I walk through Camden Town in the evening
Strolling silently hardly breathing
Footsteps behind me slightly quicker
The corner of my eye a shadowy flicker

I wonder if he’s after my soul again tonight
Stops the whisper with the shadows
But still keeps me in his sight
I shout to passing strangers
But they don’t seem aware
Don’t want to get involved
In my spiritual affair

Tonight my fears are growing worse and worse
I feel him brewing up an evil curse
I sense a chill creep up my spine
I want to scream but only whine
Because I know it can’t be true
Minds gone now legs it’s up to you

I tried to accept him as my partner
His stillness coldness manic laughter
But every time I try to turn around
It froze my ears to hear those sounds
That make you stare into the ground

Sweaty muscles puff and pant I run
Stagger home and hide behind my mum
But even when I’m safely in my bed
I know that he is waiting in my head


“Shadow Of Fear” is a song that reflects the fear and paranoia of living in London, whether it is real or just imagined. “Not Home Today” is another track with a reggae influence and talks about how people make excuses to cover up the fact that a family member has been sent to Borstal or prison. The Madness album Absolutely also features a hidden gem called “Overdone“, a letter of regret suggesting a life of crime. The music for this track was composed by Foreman, and the lyrics were written by Lee, inspired by a novel.

Mike Barson Music
Graham McPherson Words




Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

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