Door locked open door locked shut
See you soon hopefully not
I’ve been and gone so many times
Without a word I’ve dropped no line
Just look forward never back
Selfish bastard teeter brat

Please forgive me
For the things that I’ve done
Don’t feel ashamed
If you’re asked “how’s your son?”

Living here and living there
Lived at home but very rare
To see your faces it would be

A treasure locked in memory
Do drop a line say hello dad
Await your answer I also beg

Please accept me
From a baby I have done
Pain stress and heartache
I’ve now overcome

Running here and running there
Often caught but never cared
Been courting every year
Should have been a courtier
I’ll understand if it’ll matter
If you don’t write I’ll still beg
You understand I will mum
If you can’t write I’ll still beg

Dealing low and dealing high
Money your way just walked by
Visible lines now I can see
Was all this the cause of me
A letters come she has replied
Read two years ago your mother died


Lee Thompson Words
Chris Foreman Music


Lee reflects on his relationship with his mother, acknowledging the difficulties that came with it. He caused her a lot of stress in his younger years, but eventually found a passion for playing the saxophone and became quite skilled. Lee, being the saxophone player for Britain’s most loved band Madness, made his mother proud, and he was able to buy his parents a house in Great Yarmouth. After his father passed away, he continued to take care of his mother. The saxophone solo on this track was improvised with all of his heart, just like the solo in “Embarrassment“.


Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

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