It’s not so easy to find out later
About the necessary knowledge for survival
You think you know enough to get you through life
But find out too late of chances passed by

An early start is not so important
But timing is most essential
Opportunity gone is gone forever
You never know how much it could have been

And once gone, gone forever
You will find out to your cost

A better use can be made of your time

Don’t think that life is easy
You may never get a lucky break
They’ll put you down, cold and unknown
A total failure from womb to grave


Mike Barson Music
John Hasler Words


In many respects, this is the most important song in the collection. It’s a very early song, but it resonates with much of the following Madness catalogue.

According to John Hasler, the band played a two-chord vamp, and the songwriter wrote the lyrics in the next room. On the other hand, Cathal admires the lyrics of “Mistakes,” saying that it is an astute and poignant observation of life at a young age. He is also a great fan of the darker aspect of Madness.

Mistakes,” “Nutty Theme,” and “Stepping Into Line” were all potential tracks for the album. “In The Rain” and the “Work, Rest & Play” EP were newer songs that linked One Step Beyond… and Absolutely.


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