Nutty Theme



Hello Good Evening And Welcome

I’ve been down the high road towards the crossroads
To hear the sound thats buggin me
Catchy little rhythms in music and rhyme, its that nutty sound you see


As I got nearer I heard it clearer , it started to affect my brain
Its that nutty rhythm that gets yout thinking your almost going insane
I felt the greound shake
I had a feeling I was sitting on an old steam train

Shaking in me knee bones and me elbows, its driving me around the bend
Uncontrollable feelings sends me reeling
Theres no need top pretend


It had me spell bound, span me head round
I could feel myself going mad

Now I am an addict
I have to hear it
Everything else sounds bad…..


Chris Foreman Music
Cathal Smyth Words


We didn’t want to be ‘ska’ but to have our own sound,” says Suggs. Both he and Chris say that the “Steptoe & Son” theme was at the front of their minds here, too, along with “Billy Bentley,” a Kilburn & the High Roads song. “Hello, good evening and welcome,” the catchphrase of TV personality David Frost, opens the song, mirroring Dury’s “Hello Playmates,” which has music hall comedian Arthur Askey’s catchphrase at the top of “Billy Bentley.” Suggs continues the Dury references with “been down the High Road,” and yet another smattering of everyone’s favourite percussion instrument, the skulls, before shouting: Rhythm!!


Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

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