Time For Tea



Scouring through the wasteland
With an urge to take anything that comes into view
Only ten more puffs ‘til teatime
I’ve found eating so time consuming

Willie oh Willie she cried it’s time for tea
Willie where in Hell has he gone
It’s time for tea

South of the wasteland at your DIY
The inconsiderate rings his till
Offering plans of easy credit
Claims he’ll cause a killing in the school half term

Willie oh Willie she cried it’s time for tea
Oh Willie where in Hell have you gone
It’s time for tea

And welly well well what have I found here
A hiding place made by Frigidaire
I think I’ll try it on and give my mates a scare
They’ll all be searching neither here nor there

Willie oh Willie we cry it’s time for tea
Willie oh where in Hell have you gone
it’s time for tea

Long depress of autumn breeze
Sucking on the rubber back teeth
Plays in the hands of the hardware man
Who selfishly ”I don’t care”




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