That’s The Way To Do It



Now I’ve been here and I’ve been there
And I’ve been almost everywhere
There’s not a thing I can’t repair
Cos I’m Stan, Yes I am
The odd job man

I’m a tradesman, I know all the tricks
There’s not a thing that I cannot fix
Beginners use my concrete mix
I’m Stan yes I am, The odd job man

Well, thats the way to do it
Just be as quick as a flash
Don’t hang about
Just in and out
And always ask for cash

Any job that you want done
Phone me up cos Im the one
Electrical, plumbing, woodwork too
I’ll do the job that’s right for you

Well, that’s the way to do it
Just be as quick as a flash
Don’t hang about
Just in and out
And always ask for cash

I’ve never done the same job twice
Listen to me take my advice
I’ll double the work for half the price
The finished job will look, look nice

I’ve been around and had some fun
There’s not a job that I’ve not done
No unemployment where I’m from
Jack of all trades, master of none


“That’s The Way To Do It” is a vibrant and upbeat composition by Chris Foreman that takes us back in time to the music hall era. The song pays tribute to Foreman’s days as an “odd job man” and is set in a cockney bar room knees-up, which adds an extra layer of authenticity to the piece. “That’s The Way To Do It” is an amusing and nostalgic nod to the bygone era of music hall and a testament to Foreman‘s talent as a composer.

Chris Foreman Music & Words




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