Soul Denying



I may not have anything to offer in return
But I’ve longed for your loving since the days first dawn

Well how did you know that I would come up here?
At this moment I’m in limbo
Oh so good to see your face and watch you gracefully
I never was one to keep in touch
Or let the family know the extent of how much I love

Blowing off the rails in October winds
But all that’s in the past
Let me hear something that’s going to last

Did you ever get to marry that man next door?
Do you still while away your days
Smiling into your crystal gaze?

Do you still plan to be here
When the morning comes
And all the birds have flown
Oh please say that you will

If you feel love
(Is this is heaven where have I been?)
Let it scream love
(If this is a dream don’t try to wake me up)
Don’t grieve my love
(Come on and take me to pastures evergreen)
Breath my love




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