Small World



I Sat And Watched The Crowds In London
I Know Each Road By Name
Today The Streets Are Cold And Empty
Cos No One Likes The Rain

I Soon Lost Count Of All The Cars
That Burned So Bright Outside The Bars
Deserted Streets, And Burning Shells
Familiar Shops I Know So Well

Today The Birds No Longer Twitter
The Words Don’t Make It True
When There’s No Line I’m Up The Junction
I Can’t Be There With You

I’ve Always Got A Magic Line
That I Tap Into Any Time
I Watch The World By Day And Night
It’s Very Close, But Out Of Sight

Small World
Spent Together
Spent In Wonder
Linked Forever

The Words Were Out, And Spread Like Fires
From Good To Bad, Habitual Liars
The Drama Queens Rejoice Again
Until The Next Time, Who Knows When?

We Could Be Miles Apart Forever
But We Are Somehow Here Together
The World Is Always Talking Somewhere
And We Can Choose Or Not To Be There




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