One Better Day



Arlington House address no fixed abode
An old man in a three piece suit sits in the road
He stares across the water and sees right through the lock
But on and up like outstretched hands
His mumbled words his fumbled words

Further down a photo booth a million plastic bags
And an old woman filling out a million baggage tags
But when she gets thrown out three bags at a time
She spies the old chap in the road
To share her bags with she has bags of time

Surrounded by his past on a short white line
He sits while cars pass either side
Takes his time
Trying to remember one better day
A while ago when people stopped
To hear him say

Walking round you sometimes
Hear the sunshine
Beating down in time
With the rhythm of your shoes

Now she has walked
Enough through rainy town
She rests her back against his
And sits down

She’s trying to remember
One better day
A while ago when people
Stopped to hear her say

The feeling of arriving
When you’ve nothing left to lose




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