My Girl



My girl’s mad at me
I didn’t wanna see the film tonight
I found it hard to say
She thought I’d had enough of her

Why can’t she see?
She’s lovely to me
But I like to stay in and watch TV
On my own every now and then

My girl’s mad at me
Been on the telephone for an hour
We hardly said a word
I tried and tried but I could not be heard

Why can’t I explain?
Why do I feel this pain?
‘Cos every thing I say she doesn’t understand
She doesn’t realize she takes it all the wrong way


‘My girl’s mad at me
We argued just the other night
I thought we’d got it straight
We talked and talked until it was light

I thought we’d agreed
I thought we’d talked it out
Now when I try to speak she says that I don’t care
She says I’m unaware and now she says I’m weak


Mike Barson Music & Words


Elvis Costello, a former Stiff artist, unwittingly provided the musical backbone for “My Girl.” Mike Barson had gone along to the first Stiff Records package tour, which featured Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Nick Lowe, Larry Wallis, Wreckless Eric and Elvis Costello and the Attractions: “When Steve Naïve did a solo on the Vox Continental I was just blown away.” Not only that, but he had been working out “Watching the Detectives” and trying to base a song around the opening chord sequence.

He wasn’t the only one. Noel Davis, guitarist with The Selecter admitted to Mike that he’d ripped off the same two-chord wonder for “Missing Words”. So Mike thumped away at C sharp minor and A major over and over to wring a song out of them and came up with “My Girl”.


Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

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