March Of The Gherkins



It’s been some time since the smile

Upon my face
Had a sneak preview in town
It’s been a while since I gave chase

It’s been some time since the girl

From round my way
Came and took me by the hand
Been a long time since I came around

I can remember when I

Stood on my head
And walking straight across the ground
I still picture the laughing faces

Catch me I’m falling into my past
Catch me the deeper the louder the laugh

I was told to grow up soon
Face my consequences
Being told it was high time
High time to come to my senses

Climbing up to the top floor
Stood the look of pleasure
Such a silly aged man
With an attic full of treasure

Catch me I’m falling into my past
Deeper the deeper the louder the laugh

Remember when I was ten
Things were somewhat better then
Time went by so easily
Is this the way life’s supposed to be
But looking back I wonder why
It seems to pass so quickly by
Memories can make you cry
I close my eyes my tears I try to hide

I was thinking about

Tammo Land
Of all the funny places
I was thinking a short time ago




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