If I Go Mad



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, lucky man
Where have you been?
With hair on and
What have you seen?

‘Cause I know
We all need the money
And I know
We all miss the show

A little plastic hat
A little plastic nose
Have a look
There’s a plastic house
And plastic clothes

Sure I know
We all need the readies
And I know
We all love the show
But just give me the future
With the girl I know

If I go mad
Without you
If I go mad (I go mad)
Without you

Here’s to everybody to all of my friends
Here’s to all the summers we wish would never end
Here’s to all the diggies with no fish
All the people that I really miss
Here’s to all the summers with no sun
Here’s to all the things that we should’ve never done
Here’s to all the sorrow and the pain
All the passengers on this train

Oh, there, a crooked man
With a crooked smile (look at it) here
Take a walk along the plank
Walk the crooked mile

Sure, yes I know
We all need the money
And I know
That we all love the show
Oh, but give me the future
With the girl I know

If I go mad (if I go mad)
Without you (without you)
If I go mad (if I go mad)
Without you

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If I go mad (if I go mad)
Without you (without you)
If I go mad (if I go mad)
Without you (without you)

Mad, will I go mad without you?
Mad, will I go mad without you? (Will I go mad?)


Suggs wrote “If I Go Mad” primarily as a love song dedicated to his wife. However, it also reflects his experience of lockdown madness. The isolation and not being able to see anyone for a year led him to feel like he was going slightly mad. As a performer, he felt like he was dwindling to almost nothing without an audience.

Graham McPherson Music & Words


The track is a magnificent piece of music that should have been the first single. Originally debuted during the lockdown in the one-off show "The Get Up!" in late 2022, it quickly stood out. Suggs' vocal delivery is flawless, likely because he wrote the track himself. The band's live performance captured the same clarity and precision as the produced track, which was an absolute delight.

Barso's brilliant and unique piano style complements the rhythm perfectly. The live performance even featured a diminished chord progression that wasn't in the final mix, adding an unparalleled depth to the piece. Chris's guitar punches are essential to the rhythm, driving the track forward with energy and precision. The inclusion of a trombone solo, a first for a Madness track, adds a whole new dimension to the song, enriching its texture and making it truly memorable.




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