Brand New Beat



More leverage was passed today
From the radio I heard him say
I fixed another lock on my toilet door
House to house checks will commence throughout

Looking at my prize possessions
Trying to remember which ones I own
I could be up for a weeks detention
Without a line I could die in there

Another law was passed today-hooray
Cut price bullets in your hardware store
And to pass your time of stay
Life size cutouts are your target score

Throwing open the windows
And screaming down the street
Eight o’clock and all is well
Until the brand new beat

Can you smell the brand new beat

Star shaped badge that shines upon
Comes free in your bumper pack
But if it’s left around too long
It’ll burn right through to your back

Shipped direct via the Isle of Man
The money maker shows his face
He breeds his fear across the land
Then casts off without a trace

Eight o’clock and all is well
Until the brand new beat
Puedes oir el nuevo rumba

You can smell the brand new beat
Can you hear the brand new beat
We can hear the brand new beat
Can you sell the brand new beat




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