Tarzan’s Nuts



Hey you seen Jane?
No man
Ok I’ll catch the train
A train you’ll wait a long time
No way I’ll catch a vine
What, that’s a route
No man it’s a fruit
Give me a bite
No I’ll save it for tonight


Mike Barson Arrangement
Cathal Smyth Words


Practically an instrumental with a few lines of banter to kick it all off, it’s hardly surprising that these days, the band has a very shaky recollection of how the song came about. It boils down to there being two schools of thought. “God only knows what was going on there,” says Suggs, recalling the “Have you seen Jane?” lyrics. “It was a funny little bit of instrumental. I’m sure it was taken from a TV theme, but I don’t know which one.” Chris told me it was the Ron Ely “Tarzan” theme, adding, “Toks and Cathal did the vocals, but we could never get Toks onstage.”

Mark‘s take is different—”I get the feeling that Mike had another song in the style of ‘One Step Beyond…‘ and ‘Night Boat‘ and it became this very late in the day.” Clive Langer goes along with this, saying, “I think it was just done for the record, constructed in the studio using various ideas from other tracks. It could have been a Robbo thing, wanting yet another instrumental.” Cathal almost disowns it—”I don’t know why I’m credited on ‘Tarzan.’ I had very little to do with this album; I was just on the edge of it.”


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