Solid Gone



Ha ha ha ho ho OK boys let’s get real solid gone

Shake it mister and a-sister too
I’m gonna make you boogie woogie
Gonna roll in your shoes

Won’t you boogie with me baby-Boogie! Boogie!
Boogie with me baby-Boogie! Boogie!
Won’t you boogie with me baby
We’ll whoop the whole night through

OK listen to me baby
C’mon baby won’t you do it right
You can boogie with me baby
And you know I’ll hold you tight
Move on over and watch this
That’s the way to do it, honey
Yeah do the twist

Swing it with that Joanna! July the 4th

Chrissy Boy! Pick it!

Well I got the boogie the boogie got me
I’m so gone I’m a hap-happy

Let’s take it over there
Over there-over where? Over there
Well the boogie is a coming over there

Said I got the boogie-I got the boogie
A-boogie with me baby-boogie with me baby
I said I got the boogie-I got the boogie
Boogie with me baby-well boogie with me baby
I said come on we’ll flip the whole night through-over there
I said boogie with me baby
We’ll rip the whole night through

I said hey Jack can you dig it?
I said c’mon over baby
We’ll rip the whole night through
I’m a real solid gone-yeah!


Cathal Smyth Music & Words


Smyth’s Fifties rock’n’roll pastiche, ‘Solid Gone’, possibly motivated by a rock’n’roll rockabilly revival which saw the likes of Matchbox following acts such as Rocky Sharpe & The Replays into the UK charts. Within a month of the release of Absolutely, The Stray Cats would breathe new life into Fifties stylings with hits such as ‘Runaway Boy’, paving the way for The Polecats et al.


Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

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