House Of Fun

7" Vinyl (45 RPM)

Stiff Records

BUY 146

United Kingdom


House of Fun, Composed by Mike Barson and Lee Thompson, two of the band’s founding members and primary songwriters, was released as a standalone single on May 14, 1982. From the moment it hit the airwaves, “House of Fun” captured the hearts and feet of listeners across the UK and reached number one in the UK Singles Chart, spending nine weeks in the charts. Its success was not short-lived; the song remained on the charts for an impressive nine weeks, solidifying its status as one of Madness’s most beloved and enduring tracks.

The song’s journey to its final form is a testament to the band’s creative process. Originally recorded under the title ‘Chemist Facade’, it lacked the iconic ‘Welcome to the House of Fun’ chorus. However, during the recording process, the head of Stiff Records, Dave Robinson, insisted on adding a chorus. In a stroke of musical ingenuity, band member Mike Barson immediately composed the ‘Welcome to the House of Fun’ refrain on his piano, adding a new layer of depth and catchiness to the song.

At this point, the song had already been recorded, and the management decided not to re-record the whole song. Instead, the recording was edited, and the chorus instruments and vocals were dubbed onto the recording. This proved difficult, mainly due to technical limitations at the time, resulting in the first part of the word “Welcome” being cut off. Due to this, the chorus seemed to begin “Elcome to the House of Fun”, so lead singer Suggs was forced to overdub the word “Welcome”. Although this proved to be an arduous task, it was completed successfully.


Territory: United Kingdom

Release Date: May 10, 1982
Format: 7" Vinyl (45 RPM)
Limited Edition: No

Label: Stiff Records

Catalogue Number: BUY 146

Manufactured: United Kingdom

Disc Colour: Black
Pressing: Original Pressing
Release Type: Official


Peak Position: 1
First Chart Date: 22/05/1982
Weeks in Chart: 9
Position DatePosition
22/05/1982 26
29/05/1982 28
05/06/1982 14
12/06/1982 15
19/06/1982 14
27/03/1982 20
26/06/1982 29
03/07/1982 49
10/07/1982 52
17/07/1982 74



1 A1 House of Fun 2:58
1 B1 Don't Look Back 3:31


Mike Barson Piano, Organ, Tubular Bells Band
Chris Foreman Guitar, Sitar Band
Lee Thompson Tenor Saxophone Band
Mark Bedford Bass Band
Daniel Woodgate Drums Band
Graham McPherson Vocals, Percussion Band
Cathal Smyth Trumpet Band


Producer Clive Langer
Producer Alan Winstanley
Photographer Clare Muller


Copyright © Stiff Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ Stiff Records


Record Label Stiff Records
Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.


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