Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) / Madness (Is All In The Mind)

7" Vinyl (45 RPM)

Stiff Records

PBUY 169

United Kingdom


Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day), written by Mike Barson and Cathal Smyth, was the follow-up single to Our House. The track was taken from the album “The Rise and Fall,”. Still, for the first and only time, Stiff Records released the single as a ‘Double A Side’ single along with Madness (Is All in the Mind), written by Chris Foreman. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) received the most airplay as it was automatically assumed by the general public to be the “actual” single. Of course, the video was for Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) and the other side, ‘Madness (Is All in the Mind)’, was never mentioned again. It spent nine weeks in the UK charts, peaking at number eight in February 1983. 

The single version is a slight remix of the album track. The song’s slower, blues-style version, with Elvis Costello on vocals, was included as a bonus track on the 12″ single. The latter version was later included as a bonus track on the 2004 2-disc reissue of Costello’s Goodbye Cruel World album.

Cathal: ‘Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)’ is very much my psychology, really. There’s a great quote from WB Yeats that I like: “He had an abiding sense of tragedy which sustained him through temporary periods of joy”. That melancholic essence is directly connected to my Irish descent. The lyric “Trying hard / I thought I’d done my best” was about how, in those early years, I was totally insecure over my place in the band. I never thought I’d last

Chris: When I wrote ‘Madness (Is All In The Mind)’, I was living in Finchley, and I didn’t have the Dave Robinson cassette recorder yet. I had a little hi-fi with a cassette player in, and a tiny portable cassette recorder. I recorded the guitar part on the portable one, then I put the cassette in the hi-fi, played it back and recorded myself again on the portable one, and kept doing that. And the thing that made it even more psychotic was that the two tape recorders played at different speeds, so I had to detune my guitar a semi-tone! I wish I still had that tape… Carl seemed best suited to singing it, and Suggs is very gracious in that way, letting someone else do the singing.


Territory: United Kingdom

Release Date: February 7, 1983
Format: 7" Vinyl (45 RPM)
Limited Edition: No

Label: Stiff Records

Catalogue Number: PBUY 169

Manufactured: United Kingdom

Disc Colour: Black
Pressing: Original Pressing
Release Type: Official


Peak Position: 8
First Chart Date: 19/02/1983
Weeks in Chart: 9
Position DatePosition
19/02/1983 24
26/02/1983 7
05/03/1983 5
12/03/1983 6
26/03/1983 6
02/04/1983 4
09/04/1983 9
16/04/1983 12
23/04/1983 18
30/04/1983 28



1 A1 Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) 3:10
1 B1 Madness (Is All in the Mind) 2:50


Mike Barson Piano, Organ, Tubular Bells Band
Chris Foreman Guitar, Sitar Band
Lee Thompson Tenor Saxophone Band
Mark Bedford Bass Band
Daniel Woodgate Drums Band
Graham McPherson Vocals, Percussion Band
Cathal Smyth Trumpet Band


Producer Clive Langer
Producer Alan Winstanley


Copyright © Stiff Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ Stiff Records


Record Label Stiff Records
Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.


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