Don’t Quote Me On That

12" Vinyl (45 RPM)

Stiff Records


United Kingdom


This 12″ promo was unreleased and is said to have had only 500 copies pressed. Don’t Quote Me On That was planned to be the next Madness single after My Girl, but Night Boat to Cairo was released, and Don’t Quote Me On That appeared on the Work Rest and Play EP. There was some confusion over the writer of the tune we had been “inspired” by [ripped off] for the music, and someone thought Peter Tosh had written then, which was a long way from the truth; original version he had nothing to do with it. I’ve got the song we er…copied on my jukebox, and the funny thing is, if you look at the label, the author is…Thompson. But that’s enough of that, why not give Peter Tosh a mention?

Originally slated to follow the success of “My Girl” as the next Madness single, “Don’t Quote Me On That” was poised to continue the band’s chart-topping streak. However, the winds of fate took an unexpected turn, altering the course of their musical journey. Instead of proceeding with the planned release, Madness opted to unleash the infectious rhythm and irresistible charm of “Night Boat to Cairo” upon the world, a decision that would ultimately shape their career trajectory.

Despite its initial fate as a sidelined single, “Don’t Quote Me On That” refused to be confined to obscurity. Its spirited energy and infectious melody found a new home on the iconic “Work Rest and Play” EP, where it stood alongside other Madness classics, ensuring its rightful place in the pantheon of the band’s greatest hits.

This curious twist of fate only adds to the allure of “Don’t Quote Me On That,” imbuing it with a sense of intrigue and significance that transcends its status as a mere promotional release. As fans continue to scour the depths of the music world in search of this elusive treasure, its legend grows ever larger, a testament to Madness’s enduring influence and the enduring power of its music to captivate and inspire generations.


Territory: United Kingdom

Release Date: February 29, 1980
Format: 12" Vinyl (45 RPM)
Limited Edition: No

Label: Stiff Records

Catalogue Number: MAD.1

Manufactured: United Kingdom

Disc Colour: Black
Pressing: Promotional Pressing
Release Type: Official




1 A1 Don't Quote Me On That 4:26
1 B1 Swan Lake 2:32


Mike Barson Keyboards Band
Chris Foreman Guitar Band
Lee Thompson Tenor Saxophone Band
Mark Bedford Bass Band
Daniel Woodgate Drums Band
Graham McPherson Backing Vocals Band
Cathal Smyth Vocals Band


Producer Clive Langer
Producer, Engineer Alan Winstanley


Copyright © Stiff Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ Stiff Records


Record Label Stiff Records
Publisher EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Publisher Nutty Sounds Ltd.
Publisher Warner Chappell Music Ltd.


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