Baby Burglar

Compact Disc (CD)

Madzine Magazine


United States


This artwork was originally designed for the sleeve of a complimentary CD and was intended to be included with the 48-page Madzine Special.

Strong promotion and demand, coupled with information from an informant, attracted the attention of Chris Foreman, a founding member of Madness. As a result, Madness/BMG, the band’s record label, issued a cease-and-desist demand against Madzine Magazine at the eleventh hour. Madzine promptly complied, respecting licensing and copyright laws, and withdrew the promotional CD.

Madzine Magazine intended to honour the golden age of physical media and the band’s fans. Madzine offered a complimentary one-track CD, a thoughtful gesture to reignite the nostalgic experience of holding tangible music. This CD, during a digital era dominated by streaming services and digital downloads, is a poignant reminder of the timeless magic of physical music collections. It celebrates the tactile and visual aspects of music ownership, from the meticulously designed album artwork to the ritual of placing a CD in a player. By offering this physical token, Madzine sought to honour the enduring value and personal connection that physical media brings to music lovers.

Fortunately, freedom of the press is legally protected in the United States, ensuring that the issue affected, “C’Est La Vie Expanded Edition,” was published in 2024 as initially planned, unaffected by the band’s legal threat.

From 2023 onward, in a world where digital tunes reign supreme, it’s truly regrettable that Madness hasn’t seized the opportunity to release some of their tracks as 7″ vinyl or CD singles. There’s an undeniable magic in holding a physical copy in your hands. It’s more than just music; it’s about the tangible connection it brings. The fact that Madness has shifted solely to digital releases is somewhat disheartening. However, in the absence of official releases, creativity thrives. Bootlegs emerge as a testament to our unwavering passion for their music, filling the voids and crafting custom releases to grace cherished collections.

“Baby Burglar,” written by the ever-creative Lee Thompson, is a vibrant track from Madness’s 2023 album “Theatre of the Absurd Presents C’est La Vie.” This song tells the quirky and humorous tale of a young, inexperienced thief trying to make his mark in the world of crime. Thompson’s clever lyrics paint a picture of this bumbling burglar as he fumbles through his ill-advised heists, capturing both the comedic and chaotic aspects of his escapades. The song brings home the lighthearted yet cautionary message about the consequences of diving into situations unprepared. It’s a standout track that combines wit, humor, and the band’s signature musical style, making it a memorable addition to their latest album.


Territory: United States

Release Date: July 4, 2024
Format: Compact Disc (CD)
Limited Edition: Yes (25 Pressed)

Label: Madzine Magazine

Catalogue Number: MADZINE.US 2022

Manufactured: United States

Disc Colour: Silver
Pressing: Original Pressing
Release Type: Withdrawn




1 1 Baby Burglar 4:06


Mike Barson Piano Band
Chris Foreman Guitar Band
Lee Thompson Tenor Saxophone Band
Mark Bedford Bass Band
Daniel Woodgate Drums Band
Graham McPherson Vocals Band


Graphic Design Madzine Magazine Graphical Design and Layout


Phonographic Copyright ℗ CTUN LLP
Copyright © CTUN LLP



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