Tim Turan



Nickname: Tim

Full Name: Timothy Turan


Tim was introduced to recording sound at the age of 3. As a teenager, he spent his paper-round earnings on a JVC-SEA 70 graphic equaliser to make his records sound better, and he’s been doing it ever since. He has been a gigging and recording musician since 1974 and was signed to EMI in 1979 with The Car Thieves.

Tim spent 15 years working in studios recording, engineering and producing. His pursuit of sonic perfection led him to expand into mastering. Since then, he has cut over 12,000 records in hundreds of genres, from experimental jazz to death metal and choral ensemble to rap. He works as an independent mastering engineer, adding expertise to the creative process while maintaining the client’s integrity and control. His technical expertise has led to lecturing at the university level, presenting workshops, talks and seminars and frequent audio troubleshooting.


Extensive efforts have been made to gather factual information and knowledge on madness from various sources and document them. These sources include publicly accessible websites, books and publications, historical artefacts, and other pertinent materials. As a result, a comprehensive index of resources has been compiled and integrated into the website. These resources, if relevant to this article, are listed below.

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