Rushent’s Mansion



Rushent’s Mansion was actually Martin Rushent’s Genetic Studios located in Aldworth Road, Streatley,  West Berkshire that was established in 1980 by producers Martin Rushent and Alan Winstanley. The studio was built in the barn at the back of Martin Rushent’s home, Wood Cottage, situated in the countryside outside Reading. The area was called ‘The Holies’, an area of outstanding natural beauty, managed by the National Trust.

Stiff Records’ boss, Dave Robinson, who had been discouraged from attending the recording sessions for One Step Beyond… and for fear that he may have too much sway in the proceedings, finally got to hear the finished album at Martin Rushent’s Genetic Studios—referred to on the album sleeve as Rushent’s Mansion (The Lucky Bleeder)—where Langer and Winstanley had decamped to mix.

Sadly, times changed, and Martin Rushant was forced to sell his home and studio. He moved on in 1989, and the studio was put up for sale. It was sold but continued as a studio till the early nineties.

In 2000, a wood cottage was sold for a sum of £906,000. In 2003, it was sold again for a higher price of £1.5 million. Unfortunately, the cottage, studio, accommodation blocks, and surrounding grounds were abandoned and left to deteriorate. As a result, they were susceptible to vandalism and were often used as an adventure playground by local children.


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